Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a form of psychological acupressure. 

Based on the same energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture to treat physical and emotional ailments for over five thousand years.

It is a self-administered technique that combines tapping on specific points on the body while focusing on a specific emotion, thought or memory.

EFT is a powerful tool for releasing negative emotions and beliefs, reducing stress, and promoting physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. It is easy to learn and can be used for a wide range of issues.

With EFT, you can quickly and naturally reduce stress and anxiety, as well as create positive changes in your life.

EFT is based on the idea that all negative emotions stem from a disruption in the body’s energy system, and that tapping on the body’s energy meridians can help to restore balance and emotional wellbeing.

Learning how to use EFT in your day to day life can have these effects:

The benefits of EFT are numerous and include alleviating stress, anxiety, and depression, helping to reduce physical pain, improving sleep, and even helping to reduce cravings for unhealthy foods or substances. EFT can also be used to help increase self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as to increase motivation and focus.

Additionally, many people report that EFT helps to improve relationships and increase overall satisfaction with life. EFT is a safe and effective therapy with no known side effects, and it can be used by anyone regardless of age or physical condition.

Why everyone should know EFT

Epigenetics is the study of how environmental factors can influence gene expression. Together, EFT and epigenetics work to help the mind and body become balanced and healthy. EFT helps to clear emotional blocks so that new healthy thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors can be adopted. These new beliefs and behaviors can then be reinforced through epigenetic changes, which can help to reduce the emotional distress. By combining EFT with epigenetics, individuals can experience greater emotional freedom and well-being.

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The 10:10 Challenge

A program designed to support you as you renew your mind & live life to the fullest.

The 10:10 Challenge will provide you with techniques to utilize in your everyday life to help reduce stress & rewire your brain to think in a more joyful & peaceful way.

What do we do in the 10:10 Challenge?

Any topic related to improving the body, the mind, & the spirit is what we discuss. When we are living in alignment with the true nature of our being, we are living life to the fullest. Most people are surprise by how simple living life to the fullest is. However, simple doesn’t always mean easy, which is why this program is designed with community in the center. Inside this community, the pressure to have it all figured out is destroyed. We use common, everyday experiences as tools to grow & share those stories with others to encourage them along their own journey. Topic examples: 

  • What Does “Healthy” Look Like To You?
  • Questions To Ask Yourself Everyday.
  • How To Incorporate Tiny Habits Into Daily Life To Reduce Stress. 
  • Simple Ways To Set Clear Boundaries.
  • Personal Energy Work Tips & Tricks.
  • BINGO for Reconnecting & Reseting Your Nervous System.
  • Enneagram Basics.
  • Building A Strong Emotional Vocabulary. 
  • Mind Games For Overall Health. 

Have a topic you want to learn more about? ~ Ask in the Facebook group & we can discuss it!


Most people are not aware of how much they are disconnected from their body. They have become so used to ignoring their body, they only listen to it when it screams. Others go to the other extreme & count every macro or calorie. They spend an insane amount of energy trying to avoid, sugars, toxins, pesticides, air pollution, junk food etc. Where is the healthy balance? What can we do to make small, subtle changes in the right direction? What is your body trying to tell you? 

This is the fun & active part of the 10:10 Challenge, where you get to pick how you’ll reconnect to your body. How many times a month will you allow your body into a place where the nervous system switches to the recharge & rewire mode? Getting a massage, attending our singing bowls/sound healing events, or a foam rolling class. Each week you can do something to activate your body’s natural healing state.


We start by bringing you back to the beginning, to a childlike mindset. Simple ways to practice surrender that will slowly build upon each other. Then we start practicing awareness exercises & helping you to strengthen your “focus muscle” in your brain. As you use the Emotional Freedom Techniques, we go even deeper into rewiring old past patterns & limiting beliefs. Using tools like the Enneagram, we can gain even more awareness on next steps. 


This is the stuff I wish they would have taught us in high school! Most personal-spiritual transformation happens when we expand our vocabulary of emotions. Most people can only recognize three emotions as they are experiencing them. Those three emotions are happy, sad, & pissed off. As humans, we are emotional beings who have been limited in how we can express & transform the emotional energies we feel.  A big part of the 10:10 Challenge is expanding your awareness of the emotional energies & give you tools on how you can start to respond, instead of react.

Personalized Accountability

We are overloaded with information. I’ll only send you the good stuff & remind you of the core stuff. By mail or by social media, you will receive a discussion topic with practical ways to utilize the information. You can always join our monthly Tapping classes, foam rolling or sound healing classes, book clubs (structured in a way that you can join any time with any of the recommended books) or you can always book a BodyMind coaching session for individual work if you get stuck. Your brain is wired to repeat habits and thoughts even if they are not serving you. Without accountability, it is hard to make positive changes. Think about all the things you would love to do, but you don't. Or the things you know you need to stop doing, but you keep repeating the same actions.

Accountability is the missing piece and it is needed in between each session so you don't forget and fall into the same old patterns. Text or email support to check in on progress is a huge part of helping you reach your health and wellness goals. Together we can talk about what actions and tiny habits we can create to get you one step closer to your goals. We set up times to check back in and readjust if needed.

What are you willing to do to live in alignment, in joy, and in a state of peace that surpasses all understanding within each situation you face in life? Think about what Olympic athletes put themselves through to win a medal. Years of dedication and recovering from injuries and years of practice. With a fraction of that effort but with a similar mindset, you can win a joyful and peaceful life, which is honestly, what we are all wanting at the root of all our striving.


I understand wanting to dip your toe in the water first. I also understand wanting to jump all in, & trust me, I match all that excitement! I want this information to be available for everyone, pick which way is best for you & your budget! 

  1. Attend one of the monthly education classes. $10-$40 (Depending on the class & the supplies needed)
  1. Schedule a BodyMind Coaching session with Carrin. $150. (2 hours of EFT & Massage)
  1. Join The 10:10 Challenge! $120 a month (or $950 for a year) Includes access into the 10:10 Challenge Facebook Group, so you can be apart of the conversations & have access to download all the PDF’s to use. Priority booking for appointments using a personalized link to my schedule. 50% off entry into monthly classes. Free access to sound healing & foam-rolling classes. 20% off Tapping (EFT) sessions. Pick one family member or friend to share your 50%off monthly classes. Pick your free book from the recommended book list & join our book club!
  • How were you feeling before you signed up? I had a difficult first year at college and was struggling with anxiety. Felt lost and worried about the future.
  • What was your biggest hesitation when joining? The unknown. I didn't know exactly what I would gain or how this would benefit me.
  • What made you say yes? I felt like this was a great opportunity and that if I did this, I would be able to live my life to the fullest. 
  • What ah-ha's did you have going through the 10:10 Challenge? The proving cycle and the yes/no challenge. Those reminded me that if I say "no" to something I am saying "yes" to something else.
  • What changes have you noticed? I am more comfortable being myself. I don't feel as much pressure to make everyone happy. I know it's okay to put myself first some of the time.
  • Are you happy you did the 10:10 Challenge? Why? YES! I have grown as a person and learned more about what causes my stress and how I am able to work through it.
  • What was your favorite part of the 10:10 Challenge?  The massages and unconditional support.
  • Would you recommend the 10:10 Challenge? If so, who would you recommend?
    Yes to friends, family, and anyone looking to better themselves


  • How were you feeling before you signed up? Body pains. Unfocused. Rundown.
  • What was your biggest hesitation when joining the BodyMind Coaching case study? Just a bit of uncertainty, but I went into it with an open mind and I’m glad I did.
  • What made you say yes? I said yes to improving my health, anxiety issues and headaches.
  • What has been the biggest take away from the BodyMind sessions? I’ve learned to listen to my body signals in order to find joy in the things I once loved to do. I’ve learned to make decisions in my daily life in order to put myself and my body first. I have learned what essential oils to use to match my emotions and body signals.
  • What changes have you noticed? I have proclaimed clarity and focus and have removed clutter in my life to make room for the joy in things. My anxiety has greatly lessened.
  • Are you happy you did the case study? Why? YES! Extremely! It has been life-changing!
  • What was your favorite part of the BodyMind coaching sessions? The deep relaxation. The feelings of being restored and rejuvenation that I take home with me after each session.
  • Would you recommend BodyMind coaching and Carrin to others? If so, who would you recommend? I would highly recommend Carrin to others. She is amazing!!