Massage Therapist in Owatonna, MN

Have you felt "that" pain? The pain that keeps you from sleeping. You wake up feeling sore, irritable to your spouse and kids, feeling tired at work, and sick of taking pain medication almost every day. That is the type of pain I help with.

I am passionate about helping those who suffer from chronic pain find relief. I truly believe that people in pain are more irritable which causes tension in relationships and in their career. When I relieve that pain and stress I will slowly be making the world a better place one person at a time.

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Certified Massage Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist.

Do you know the feeling you get when the wind is behind you pushing you forward? That is similar to the feeling I get when learning a new massage technique, talking about self-care, teaching people about essential oils, etc.  I love seeing results and how the power of massage amazes my clients. The techniques that I use are all known for relieving chronic pain. I love it when my clients say “My shoulder has never felt so good” or “I can’t remember the last time I did not have a headache.”

I grew up in Owatonna, Minnesota. After receiving my first massage at the age of 9 years old, I've felt called to be a massage therapist. I graduated with my associate's degree in massage therapy from the Minnesota School of Business in Rochester. I've taken continuing education classes in massage cupping, gua sha, raindrop therapy, ashiatsu, and aromatherapy for massage therapist.

I enjoy spending my free time being a volunteer leader for Young Life. I also enjoy teaching others about Young Living essential oils. Call the office to set up a one-to-one if you're curious about the powerful healing benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils.

Owatonna barefoot massage

Therapeutic Massage Services


Localized cryotherapy can best be described as a cold air "super-icing" treatment. Only takes 2-3 minutes for a small area to be treated. Here are some of the general benefits that are achieved through localized cryotherapy treatments include:

  • Flushes the tissue of fluid and waste rapidly
  • Faster recovery
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves range of motion
  • Aids in pain management

I'm known for giving ashiatsu massages, which is a barefoot deep tissue technique. I can give continuous deeper pressure over the broad surface of my foot than I can with a pointy elbow or thumb.

I was first introduced to ashiatsu by my teacher when I was attending school for massage therapy. I took a course in Denver, Colorado in March of 2016 from Ruthie Hardie, the founder of ashiatsu, and have been massaging with my feet ever since. 

What our massage clients are saying...

This was a wonderful, relaxing experience. The atmosphere was perfect and calming and Carrin has a gift for finding all those tense muscle points and easing them out. Would highly recommend to anyone suffering from stiff muscles or to anyone who just needs a chance to relax.
Diana Encarnacion
13:01 30 Jan 18
I struggle with frequent migraines. I saw Carrin and she suggested massage cupping. During the session she used the suction cups on my neck, shoulders and back. It helped so much! I now see her once or twice a month to help eliminate the muscle tension that contributes to my migraines.
Leila Kath
17:44 03 May 18
Carrin is a wonderful massage therapist. She spends the full amount of time you pay for actually massaging (doesn't take time off for getting ready) and is able to give a deep, relaxing massage.
Allana Kern
03:57 19 Nov 17
Amazing massage! Highly recommend especially if you like deep tissue massage!
Marty Johnson
03:55 28 Oct 17
I’ve seen Carrin numerous times now. I always walk away feeling better, more relaxed and less tension in my neck & back! I highly recommend her!
Amy Morgan
21:55 05 Oct 18
Fantastic place for a massage. Always leave feeling great.
Brent Smisek
18:48 23 Jan 20
I loved it I feel so much better
jasmine martinez
00:37 19 Aug 20
I was made to feel very comfortable and was listened to. My concerns were addressed and I felt great afterwards.
Adam La Plount
00:15 02 Dec 20

Amy Rhodes

Faribault, MN

I am a retired Massage Therapist, and I absolutely LOVE getting a massage from Carrin. She is very thorough with her intake and attentive to your needs.

Her Ashiatsu massage is amazing! I highly recommend seeing Carrin for all your bodywork needs.

Jolene Balvitch

Ellendale, MN

Carrin's ashiatsu massages are amazing. Honestly, it's difficult to tell most of the time the work is being done with her feet and not her hands! The techniques are very relaxing and work firmly into the muscles without the sharpness that oftentimes accompanies work being done with elbows and thumbs. I would highly recommend receiving an ashiatsu massage.  

David Introne

Owatonna, MN

I sought this massage for stress relief. I have had deep tissue in the past, with other therapists elbows, that have felt sharp and uneven pressure. The ashiatsu massage I experienced today was smooth, even, and incredible relaxing. This was my first foot pressure massage, and after 5 minutes I forgot there were feet on my back. I quickly fell into deep relaxation. Excellent experience, I will be back!