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BodyMind Coach & Massage Therapist

BodyMind Coach & Massage Therapist

Carrin Kath

BodyMind Coaching & EFT Tapping

EFT is an effective stress management technique that incorporates tapping on acupressure points. Tapping can address a wide range of complex emotional challenges, however, the basic protocol is straightforward. EFT focuses on what you say/think and where you tap. It's a powerful way to transform beliefs that no longer serve you, reduce unwanted emotional triggers, come to terms with unresolved childhood issues, and reprogram yourself for greater happiness and success.

Stress impacts you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. BodyMind coaching uses techniques to switch from having a mindset of stress to a mindset of healing. Through conversations, activations, along with teaching you Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as EFT or Tapping), you can begin to heal on every level.

Massage Therapy

All the techniques I'm trained in focus on decreasing chronic pain. Ashiatsu (foot pressure) is known as the deeper deep tissue massage. Being able to apply more pressure over a broad surface provides the body with increased benefits of healing and relaxation.
I use Massage Cupping to apply the inverse pressure giving the muscles another way to release the tension they hold onto. I have a Cryotherapy machine in my office to give you the benefits of cold therapy, helping decrease inflammation and speed up the healing process. I use Young Living Essential Oils in each massage to increase the benefits of the massage. I'm also trained in a form of healing touch known as Reiki. Most of my clients hold stress and emotional tension in their neck, shoulders, and hips. It's beneficial for clients to know that they are receiving healing from the Holy Spirit on the emotional level as well as working on the physical aspect of their pain. 

Amare Global

Amare Global: The Mental Wellness Company has a mission to create a holistic mental wellness platform of products, programs, and people. Their vision is to lead the world in a mental wellness revolution.

I see clients every day who are stressed out. The Amare products will help you become more stress-resilient at a cellular level.

Clients taking the Amare products along with a regular session are experiencing the benefits of the bodywork lasting longer, being able to stay calm in the midst of chaos, and overall more energy and liveliness.

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The mountains you've been carrying, you were only meant to climb.

So often we get caught up in trying to BE everything for everyone and DO everything for everyone. We ignore our pain until we can't ignore it any longer.
I work with people who are ready to listen to their bodies, to use the healing and relaxation that happens on the massage table and combine it with BodyMind coaching to heal in-between sessions as well. 

"My mission is to start a chain reaction of love, stress-resilience, and understanding of the body mind connection through coaching conversations designed to renew and transform how you listen to your body and massage therapy to help you operate from a place of calm energy. "

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