Hello Lovely!

I'm Carrin!

A young entrepreneur, massage therapist, BodyMind coach, and Amare wellness partner. I’m here to help you understand the body-mind connection, decrease your chronic pain, and build your stress resilience. I work with mothers and daughters to help them manage their stress, make embodied decisions, and live life to the fullest. 

I love what I do because I'm good at it.

I want to be good at what I do because I love it.

Blessed to have found my calling at a young age, I graduated from massage therapy school in December of 2015, started my own massage therapy business in January of 2017.

I started offering BodyMind coaching a year after opening up my business because I saw there was more to the connection of our mind and body.

In February of 2018, I was introduced to Amare Global: The Mental Wellness Company. Their science-based products are targeted at growing the gut-brain and heart-brain connection. I've noticed and my clients have noticed greater stress resilience, more energy, and many more benefits.

I help people who are stressed and in pain feel recharged, renewed, and energized to reach their goals, no matter how big or small. I'm more than your average massage therapist.  

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Lovely one,

Love is healing, love is powerful. This love is unlike the kind of love that is expressed in movies and sung about in songs. This love is awe-inspiring, indescribable, bringing wholeness and healing. Most people won't truly understand this love until they are face to face with Jesus. 

I believe the love that created you, me, everyone and everything, is the most powerful thing. But our pain, doubt, and distractions get in the way of experiencing this "life to the fullest" kind of life. 

We've all had those moments when everyone is telling us to go one way but our gut instincts are telling us to go the other way.

The Holy Spirit sends your body those small nudges, but how often do we listen to them? Some people have ignored their body for so long they have lost the ability to listen.

BodyMind coaching is all about relearning the language of the body, the language of your intuition. Imagine being so intuned with your body that every choice you get to make is clearly the aligned choice. Remember, you can make all the plans you want, but your source of love and wisdom directs those steps. It is possible to know those steps.

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